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$13. good evening, i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim vance. doreen is off tonight. the victim's name is paul bennett. police have charged three men with shooting him. killing him. 22-year-old ricardo burton, desmond garner is 23, and 22-year-old greg starks. they were all arrested yesterday. they're accused of attacking bennett on sunday night in seat pleasant, maryland. bennett had been delivering chicken wings and pizza when he was attacked. family members say he was working a second job to make some money for his son's first birthday party. all three suspects have been charged with first-degree murder and with robbery. police believe the victim had about $13 on him. now to the crisis in libya, it was another bad day for the rebels and the pressure is mounting for president obama to take out moammar gadhafi. this momentum has shifted in favor of the gadhafi forces overnight. just from rebels thought they were getting the upper hand. they hit a wall in gadhafi
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territory. and there is new pressure on president obama to arm the rebels. meantime today, the president sent two powerful cabinet member to capitol hill to brief lawmakers on his libyan plan. steve handelsman reports, there is major pushback in congress. bad timing as secretary of state clinton and defense secretary gates came to capitol hill to explain president obama's libya plan, came the set back. libyan rebels are racing the wrong way. they're on the run. giving up towns and territory they had won this week. it is a chaotic retreat. the rebels are outgunned. by moammar gadhafi. some in washington are urging president obama to do more than fire cruise missiles and drop u.s. bombs in the desert. >> you have to get, i think, at the head of the snake here. and the snake in this case is moammar gadhafi. >> reporter: libyan rebels claim
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they can get to tripoli and topple gadhafi if they're given heavier weapons, artillery, and harmered vehicles. but tea party republicans and liberal democrats are in rare agreement today. that's a bad idea and an escalation. >> have we learned nothing about the danger of open ended military conflicts where the exit strit is unclear and victory is ill defined? >> i think we have so much on the plate right now. we need bring to cloesure. >> we don't know how much al qaeda is involved in the opposition forces. why would we want to strengthen al qaeda's hand in north africa? >> reporter: president obama told brian william, he might arm libyan rebels. >> i'm not ruling it out but i'm also not ruling it in. >> while he decides, the side we backed in libya is on the run. >> reporter: for now the obama plan is to keep using air power to try to force gadhafi's forces back. top aides said the president
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still believes the dictator's days are numbered. i'm steve handelsman, news4, capitol hill. >> lawmaker were told today the u.s. role in libya is estimated to cost about $40 million a month. yet another soon today that contamination is spreading in and around the nuclear facility in northern japan that was damaged in a tsunami recently. a record level of radiation has been detected in sea water near the fukushima plant. it is more than 3,000 times what is allowed by law. plant officials believe it leaking from one of the reactors there. one of the reactor that's has melted through its protective container. japan's emperor and his wife tried to console some of the thousands of displaced residents today them spent about an hour at a temporary shelter near tokyo. it was his first such visit since the earthquake and tsunami hit the area on march 11th.
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there are more questions the security of air cargo tonight after a fake bomb troofld a cargo plane. the plane was flown from the britain to turkey two weeks ago. a u.s. official told nbc news, the incident appears to be the result of a family feud. that parts of the phony bomb were made of play-doh. the fake bomb was placed in a wedding cake box. it was supposed to be delivered to a wedding reception. a turk usual man dropped off the box at a ups office two weeks ago. the phony bomb was not discovered until it arrived in istanbul. the u.s. officials say there were no explosives in that package. there is more trouble in the control towers. this time an air traffic controller has been suspended i know what a couple of pilots for flying planes too close to each other. this happened on sunday in florida. a southwest flight from phoenix
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orlando got too close to a small private plane flying into kissimmee. they were asked to check on it. the plane calm too close as the pilot maneuvered to view the cockpit. the planes did land safely. this is the second incident involving an air traffic controller in less than a week. last week two pilots had to land without assistance after the only controller in the tower fell asleep. today -- go ahead. >> today, in a one-year anniversary when ten people were shot along south capitol street. four people died. as family and friends gathered, a new law is being given to honor victim. >> reporter: a service to remember the victims of the mass shooting last year. planning to attend, these with men. their sons murder in the separate incidents in our city. they're out to stop the violence here. >> i'm in hope that the community will come together so we can save other children from
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such horrific tragedies like this. >> it is hard for people like myself and norman and these other victims, to face. when you know that your children were murdered and it could have been prevented. >> it was just massacre. it happened so fast. i didn't know what was going on or what to think or why did it happen. >> reporter: that's rashana brown. one of the victims in one of the worst mass shootings in the history of washington crime. the 4000 block south capitol street. a crowd of mourner on the sidewalk. they had just come from a friend's funeral. a driveby. a barrage of gunfire. ten people shot. four killed. six wounded. she was hit twice. her sister murdered. >> when you got hit -- >> reporter: i blinked and then i woke up and i was on the ground.
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that's all i remember. it happened like in five seconds. >> reporter: nightmare? >> yaeah. >> reporter: one year after that mass shooting, with some of the victims and relatives present, introduction of the south capitol street tragedy memorial act. legislation to curtail juvenile violence in our city. sponsored by councilmember david kit ana. it call for youth mental health screening in all schools from head start to high school. tougher truancy enforcement and mediators to help parents find mental health care for their children. >> back now to that mass shooting case. five people were arrested in question, the incident. one has pled guilty. 44 still awaiting trial. i'm pat collins, news4, washington. rough out there tonight.
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rain, even some sleet. veronica, is this ever going to end? >> maybe by the time we get to may, we will see a consistent trend with warmer temperatures. for now and for even april, i think we'll be very unsettled and on the cool side. exactly what's going on right now. so cool in the upper at moss gear the rain, that pink that you see is indeed sleet that has been falling. up now around hagerstown, it has been hanging out around frederick county. and currently, a little yellow and dark green. that is silver spring area around wheaton, some moderate rain falling there. look at that. even snow to the north in pennsylvania. it will be accumulating. as far as our forecast, temperatures were, are going to stay well above freezing. that does include road surface temperatures. by the time we get to tomorrow morning, 38. we'll go the from light rain showers with some isolated sleet this evening drizzle and fog for tomorrow morning.
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the weekend is looking great. down in richmond, they couldn't care less about the weather. they are jacked up because vcu, the basketball team, i'm talking about now, is on its way even as we speak, down to houston for a final four match-up with butler university. hundreds of fans gather today for a really raucous sendoff down in richmond. aaron gilchrist hales from that area. he was among them. he has our report. >> reporter: as far as anybody in richmond is concerned, these guys are rock stars. the rams' starting lineup got to soak up the love from ram nation as they headov to houston. perhaps the biggest cheers for coach smart. several hundred vcu students, alums and staff packed the lot outside the basketball arena. a celebration of victory after victory in the ncaa tournament. >> they can make it all the way. and hopefully win the championship. >> reporter: this fight ain't over. the fans are here to send off
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the squad from a sea of black and gold to continue the climb from under dog to champion. >> the incredible exposure this university so deserves is finally happening. >> an ultimate bucket list. it really. is you can check it off real clearly. >> reporter: but excitement isn't just in the streets. at the book store, pandemonium. throngs of people clearing out the racks faster than the staff can stock them. all looking for a piece of the ram' moment in the sun. >> we were loving this team when it wasn't doing anything. we've been following this team for almost 25 years. we're thrilled. >> reporter: even businesses like home team grill have been supporting the winning way of vcu. hosting watch parties, filling to capacity and treereaping the rewards. >> it is very exciting, like new years eve every night they play. we've had record sales for the last two times. >> reporter: expect ragss high
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from here on. ask anyone who has anything to do with vcu and our boys are headed off and coming back winners. nobody connected to vcu is hiding their pride right now. yours truly as an alum. we're told the city is planning to do something for the basketball team regardless of what happens while they're in houston. whether they win or not. although we all know it will be a win for vcu. news4, richmond. >> do forgive his lack of objectivity. it is washtd in this case. the governors of virginia and indiana have a bet. bob mczonld betting a ham from a farm in surrey while indiana's governor mitch daniels is putting up a variety of duck products from a farm in milford, indiana. governor mcdonnell said he might save the duck when vcu visits to celebrate their victory.
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it was 30 years ago today. president reagan became the target of an assassin. we'll find out how close he came to dying. the first lady made a special appearance at a d.c. high school today. more road work will force thousands of drivers to add time to their commute. and an amazing shark tale in texas. we'll tell you about a nearly ♪
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30 years ago today, a guy named john hinckley tried to kill president ronald reagan. reagan was shot two months after he had been sworn into office. three decades later we're continuing to learn more about the swift actions that kept him alive. >> reporter: 30 years ago as president ronald reagan walked out of washington hilt object following a speech, a lone gunman fired off six shots. changing history in a matter of seconds. >> shots fired. >> reporter: but not bullet punctured the president's lung before the secret service agent
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could push him into the vehicle. >> he started spigt up bright red frothy blood. i knew this had to be a lung injury. >> reporter: dr. jordana, one of the head doctors at george washington university hospital that day, said the president was lucky to survive. >> a couple more minutes and i think he would have crashed. >> reporter: back at the scene, a secret service agent and police officer were also hit. the president's press secretary james brady was shot in the head. injuries that left him partially paralyzed for life. the gunman used a .22 caliber weapon in the assassination attempt. he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. brady and his wife sarah dedicated their lives to changing the the nation's gun laws. in 1993, president clinton signed the brady bill into law requiring background checks on individuals before they could buy a firearm. on the 30th anniversary of the assassination attempt, brady was
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back on capitol hill. supporting a recent bill to ban large ammunition magazines. >> i know i would not be sitting here in this damn wheelchair if we had common sense legislation. >> reporter: split seconds, three decades ago, that nearly cut short a president's life and continue to shape the nation's gun laws today. nbc news, new york. >> president reagan won't to serve two terms, and the shooter, john hinckley jr., was committed to the hospital in washington where he remains today except with visitation rights sometimes to his parents. first lady michelle obama talking to students about reaching their full potential. she made an appearance today as part of a mentoring initiative honoring women's history month. she talked to the students about
6:18 pm
their pursuing their career goals and how mentoring programs help her. >> i wouldn't be here today and neither would my husband if we didn't have people in their lives who stepped off their track to enter our lives and our worlds and help us figure out the path for getting where we needed to be. >> reporter: later tonight, dozens of local students are being invited to the white house for a dinner to celebrate women's history month. coming up, a killer whale back at sea world for its first public performance since it attacked and killed a trainer. nascar fans may be able to spend eternity at daytona. sp[ male announcer ] this year, get the most out of your lawn
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trainer at the seaworld exhibit in orlando is once again performing. it was removed from the seaworld exhibit last february after it dragged a trainer named dawn to her death during a show. thong, though, the whale which weighs about 12,000 pounds was back in the limelight performing stunts for the audience. officials at seaworld cited the physical and mental health of the whale as among the reasons to allow it to perform again.
6:22 pm
a texas fisherman had an interesting account of what this shark, this is a 375-pound shark that he says jumped into his boat on monday about 50 miles off the gulf of mexico. the fisherman says the shark jumped on to his boat after he had dumped bait into the water. he and his crew tried to throw it back but they could not get close enough to it. the shark died several hours later. it is now on ice at a local seafood restaurant. the owner plans to have it mounted. we look at the weather down south with sunshine in miami. the best weather for opening day tomorrow will be in los angeles. they've got sunshine, warmth. good for them tomorrow. for us, opening day, well, it will be rather dreary. kind of like today, in fact. tomorrow we'll have more light rain showers around the area.
6:23 pm
>> the period down around the tidal basin. if mu it issed it, you'll be able to head down this upcoming weekend. 48 degrees was the high today. it was not that cold. we started out at 40 degrees. as i look back through march and all the afternoons, a third of this month, for highs have been below average. a third. actually work the thirds at average. we're at 39 degrees. it is wet through the area with showers and even some sleet. our wind is calm. look at the temperature. 34 degrees in hazing town. flick martinsburg. really starting to drop. winchester at 39. i think we will stay above freezing overnight. there will be some locations to the north and west that will get low enough where there could be some problems with a little sleet. you can see it on the radar. hagerstown. west of front royal.
6:24 pm
that pink that's showing up is sleet. green castle area in pennsylvania, sleet there. and with this weather system, there is expected to be some couples laigt snow. you could see it going into pennsylvania. so for areas of north eastern pennsylvania, for poughkeepsie, new york, for albany, for areas of new england, they could have four to eight inches of snow and much higher amounts to the north. the thunderstorms with our low-pressure system, you can see them coming through areas of florida, daytona beach, orlando, palm bay area as well as tampa, getting some very strong thunderstorms today. and let me take you to louisiana where this morning, where this morning, yeah, around the area, they had a lot of hail with the severe weather and quite a bit
6:25 pm
of rain. this is soufth lieth of louisia. now the rain is well east and to the south of the area. now as far as snowfall goes, up to the north again. four to eight inches. they're under a winter storm watch up through new england and areas of eastern new york. around here, we're just watching for more rain that is going to come through the area. there is low pressure making its way north and east. the white, the snow. it is covering not just western pennsylvania but central pennsylvania. over the next 48 hours, here we go. early part of the day tomorrow, we're going to be starting without some fog and some drizzle. rain showers until midnight. then tomorrow afternoon, let me stop it around 12:30. 1:00, light rain showers likely tomorrow. there could be a delay at the washington national game for opening day. then things pick up a little during the afternoon and evening hours. more rain for the afternoon and evening. then by friday morning, we start to clear out a little bit. i think by the afternoon on friday, we could see a little
6:26 pm
sunshine. it is going to be awfully windy on friday. here's a look at the forecast for the evening. then grab the umbrella. jacket, too. it will be cool as we drop from 44 to 40 degrees. meanwhile, by tomorrow morning, we are going to be starting out in the 30s. between 34 and 38 degrees. drizzly, damp conditions. maybe some delays on area roads. then for tomorrow afternoon, thing pick up. light rain for the afternoon. 34 to about 48 degrees. friday, a little better. the high of 52. then saturday, 55 degrees after a few morning showers. best day out of weekend. i think sunday. a high of 56. just wait until the week. coming up, nasa revealing some photographs of mercury. traffic is backing up on new york avenue. we'll tell you why it is about to get a lot worse. the family of a man said the
6:27 pm
suspect still has his driving license. and one of virginia's largest 62nd school districts is under fire for the way it punishes students. change are being made. coming up in sports, vcu on its way to houston to get ready for the final four. for t[ computerized voice ] do you take this woman
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we decided not to follow. rebels in libya are once again in retreat. that is increasing pressure on president obama to either take out moammar gadhafi or arm the rebels so they can do it. today marks one year since one of the worst shootings in the district's history. ten people were shot in a drive-by shooting on south capitol street. today city leaders announce ad new initiative aimed at curbing teen violence in the city. basketball team from vcu on its way to houston for the final four. showdown with butler university. hundreds of fans gathered on campus for a sendoff. vcu and butler go at it. >> the parents of a man killed
6:31 pm
crossing the street is hoping that justice will prevail after a drunk driving crash. >> their son and his best friend were hit and killed while they crossed rock field pike. they fear, the parents do, that the driver accused of hitting them may get off with minimal punishment. >> reporter: family members want to know if the driver who killed their sob and drove a block before stopping will get off with a slap on the wrist. on october 10th of last year, rory and adam both 26, friends since high school, were crossing rockville book at the white flint metro station after a night out when they were struck by an acura sedan and killed. the driver, 25-year-old alejandra ramon was given a field sobriety test at the scene but he was be immediately charged with manslaughter. >> it took us a bit of time to cope with all that time that transpired since his tragic death. and then to come find out after we're sitting down with the
6:32 pm
state's attorneys, that the penalties for this type of offense are miniscule compared to the crime. >> reporter: what continues to stick out at rory's family through their still sharp pain are witness reports of what the driver did at the scene. >> unconscionable. a coward. he pulled his car over. he did stop. my son was still alive. he walked over to my son. picked up his arm and it dropped on the pavement. and then he left. >> reporter: rory's mother was shocked to learn that punishment for this crime is not the same as if rory and adam had been stabbed or shot. >> this is a murder. i'm sure he didn't wake up that morning and think, i'm going to go kill two people tonight. but i think when you make a decision to drink and then you get in your car, that car is turned into a weapon. and he was uncontrollable. and killed both of those boys.
6:33 pm
and if he's got remorse, he hasn't shared it with us. >> reporter: the anxiety over the stepsing extends to this entire silver spring neighborhood. this is where rory grew up. this is where he and adam hung out. a place where the pain of their death still lingers. in silver spring, jackie bensen, news4. >> the parents say both victims made a point of taking metro and not driving when they went out for a night on the town. >> reporter: a gaithersburg family was forced out of their home after an intense fire. firefighters were called to the home in the 19000 block. firefighters say it started in the garage and they had to use foam to put out the flames. everyone was able to get out of the home. no injuries reported. authorities now say a high school student who showed up to school with a loaded handgun may have been taking part in a gang initiation. the student brought the fully load gun to the high school in frederick county yesterday and there were thoughts among some parents the kid was being bullied.
6:34 pm
he allegedly told school leaders that he was worried about his safety. the state's attorney told news4, there may be some gang affiliation. a special exhibit to bring attention to a troubling and growing problem among college students in our country. the exhibit is called send silence packing. it features 1,100 backpacks. each one represents the number of college students -- each one represents a college student who committed suicide every year. some of the backpacks are filled with photos and personal stories. the traveling exhibit kicked off today at the university of maryland in college park. organizers say the display will help end the shame and the silence often associated with suicide. and more importantly, they say it might help save lives. the fairfax county public school system is struggling to find a balance between safety and fairness when it come to
6:35 pm
disciplining students. this all follows complaints from some parents who stay current system is sometimes way too harsh. john schriffen reports now that the head of the school system today offered a list of ways to improve the process. >> i was really upset. i was crying a lot. i had just gotten kicked out of school i didn't think that i would ever be that kid. >> reporter: it has been almost a year. yet 14-year-old haley russell vividly remember the day she was removed from her middle school for having prescription acne medicine in her locker. fairfield schools require students to notify the school nurse about any prescription drugs. because russell forgot, she was immediately suspended for seven weeks and forced to transfer to another school for having a controlled substance. >> her grades the first two quarters of this year plummeted. she was out of school for seven plus weeks last year. and then socially it was very difficult. she walked into a school where she really did not have a base of support. either from the students or the
6:36 pm
teachers. >> reporter: russell's mother said the zero tolerance policy is too harsh. severely penalizing good kids. after speaking with other frustrated parents tearing the fairfax superintendent outlined his plan to change some of the rules. >> when kids make a stupid mistake, we're asking the principals to use their best judgment about what is the most appropriate and look for it in the context, is this a string of things, a one-time only. >> reporter: that's not the only complaint parents have with the system. many feel ones their kids get in trouble, the school shuts the parents out. >> that's what is broken. our school system is wanting to discipline our students and interrogate our system. and notify parents at the end of the process. >> reporter: to make parents feel more involved, the superintendent proposed his recorded hearings and notify them earlier. >> i think it is good. i'm excited. the rest of the kids don't have to go through what i went through. >> reporter: these are still just proposed changes to the discipline process.
6:37 pm
the suggestions now have to be presented in front of the school board on monday. for their approval. at fairfax county public schools, john schriffen. news4. school board member and staph will be retrained to make sure there is a consistent implementation of the disciplinary process. maryland state schools superintendent said she is retiring this year. she said she wants more flexibility in her life after she served as the superintendent for 20 years. under her tenure, maryland schools have received the top ranking in a survey by a national education publication for three years in a row. her last day is june 30th. a major bottleneck for maryland and d.c. zrifdrivers i about to get even worse. they will study the makeover of the new york avenue bridge on northeast. it is located between penn street and florida avenue. during two-year construction work, 90,000 vehicles a day will be squeezed from three lanes to
6:38 pm
two. in each direction. commuters complain traffic is already a major problem with all lanes open. mayor vincent gray said the city is urging people to switch to metro. in some cases they will pay as many as 50,000 commuters to transition but the mayor says there will be problems. >> just come in in the morning or go out in the afternoon. it is just bumper-to-bumper out there. i don't want to at all minimize the -- we want to maximize the information people have so they won't feel like they didn't know anything about this. >> reporter: the city is creating a website to help alert drivers before the work begins
6:39 pm
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the main precipitation tonight, rain. there is some light rain, mist, drizzle all falling through the area even north. a little light snow and heavy rain south. 34 already in hagerstown where that light rain is being reported. for the most part in the pink, that's the sleet. off to the west, there could be some sleet at times just off to the west, mixing in with that rain for the early part of the
6:42 pm
night. after midnight, it is mostly drizzle. 38, the temperature in d.c. overnight. 37, fredericksburg. 35 in frederick. the high temperature tomorrow, 48. guess what. it will be cloudy again and more rain will be moving through the area. especially for the afternoon and the evening tomorrow. friday, there is a chance for some showers. mainly the early part of the day. it will be windy and a few more passing showers saturday morning before we clear out the rest of weekend. >> thanks. diehard race fans will not be buried at daytona international speedway or the one in homestead, miami. they voted down a proposal that would have allowed some nascar fans to spend eternity at the daytona speedway. the proposal would have allowed speedway officials to build a facility that would store ashes in urns. dozens of fans said they thought that would have been a great idea. well, the new mascot for the
6:43 pm
preakness stakes, a lot of people don't think that's a good idea. the mascot is called kegasus as in keg-asus. it is appearing in commercials as a half man, half horse party animal. they hope it will get more people to come party at the preakness infield. pimlico race course changed its policy and everness is then, it banned people from bringing their own alcohol. infield attendance, there he is again. some say that mascot is tasteless. others say they are welcoming all fans. >> the point is, it used to be celebrated there to get drunk and get real stupid before, during and after the race. they've kind have said, come enjoy the race but don't be tearing the joint down. >> i was looking hard. i couldn't spot the nipple ring. it must have been really small. >> i was trying to avoid it.
6:44 pm
>> i didn't see it either and i'm just as happy that i missed it. we get to talk about baseball. the season has finally arrived. the question is, when will it start? the wizards welcome lebron and the heat. plus, vcu on its way to houston hoping to launch into a nation
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
6:47 pm
>> i think about it all the time. i'm telling somebody to pinch me. i'm going to houston for the final four. it's something you always dream about as a little kid. dream about making the game winning shot in the ncaa tournament. it is something that is being crazy for us. it is a great experience for us. so you know, when this came and we had an opportunity, we just took it and we didn't, we don't want it to end. >> we got in the tournament, i
6:48 pm
knew anything was possible. it is march. almost a different season. so i knew it was possible. did i believe time four? i knew we had a run in us. >> that's joey rodriguez. the point guard for vcu. they have the first 11 seed to make the final four since george mason in 2006. folks, there are high hopes for the nationals this season. for the first time in years, you can safely say it is for good reason. the nats had a winning spring training record since 2004 when they were the expos. will they get the game in tomorrow? light rain as you've seen here nbc 4 is predicted and a delay is possible. the nats would like to make a decision by tomorrow morning them don't want to play thursday night themselves would likely move to it friday if it is postponed. they are back for the start of fan fest and they had a light workout in the rain. this guy will bat lead-off for
6:49 pm
the nats this wreer. and wily pitcher livan hernandez is the opening day starter. they will go into the season with the potential to play 500 baseball. something they haven't done since they first got to washington. they're ready. >> it is exciting, like the day before the first day of school. you get excited. >> is that really fun though? >> hey, first day of cool is always fun. it is once you start getting homework the second or third day is when it gets old. hopefully weather will stay decent and it won't be exactly florida hot. >> a little bit of butterflies, a little excitement, a little more adrenaline than you can get no matter what happens in spring training. >> opening day is awesome. i enjoy opening day. it is probably, maybe not the most fun you can have playing baseball. with all the festivities and just the stuff that they have planned, it is a fun time of
6:50 pm
year. >> all right. nats and the o's probably going to be better this year. so we have to wait. the weather will be a big factor on opening day. things could be worse though. we could live in ohio where it is snowing. indians playing their aaa affiliate. look at the fan here. isn't that crazy? oh, man. football waeflt not baseball weather. what do you think if you're a player on the field? check this out. austin kearns can't see, loses the bat. and then they get called, the game. that was a wise decision. >> let me ask you this. you had a season ticket planned for the nationals at some point, the first season year. >> yeah. >> what would it take for you to do that again? >> not much. it wouldn't take that much. i plan to do it again. i have a ten-game plan or something like. that it worked out very well. >> i'm contemplating it myself. the kids want to go. we'll split it up. >> i love it. >> i wanted to make sure you're
6:51 pm
on board with that. and they'll be better this year. talking hockey. back for the caps last night, the game certainly play-off like intensity. the caps trying to displace the flyers as the number one team in the east while the hurricanes just scrapping to knack playoffs. carolina won in a game that went down to the wire. ovechkin back after missing three game with an unspecified injury. game tied 2-2. we went to a shoot youflt ovechkin was the first shooter. and ovechkin just can't get that puck to go in there. so semyon varlamov needs to to that tuomo ruutu here or it is over. and he can't do it. the hurricanes win the shoot-out 3-2. the canes coach paul maurice all fired up. the capitals host the blue jackets tomorrow night. wizards hosting the heat tonight. they will be playing without nick young.
6:52 pm
but blatche is back and they will be playing without trevor beerk. he broke a bone in his foot. he was averaging over eight starts this month. the wizards taking their team photo. i don't know why they took it so late. they have a big road win against utah monday night. blatche going to return after missing the last ten games with a sprained shoulder. just in time to face the miami heat. lebron and the heat, of course, coming off a shocking 12-point loss to the cavaliers in cleveland last night. the cavs spoiled king james' homecoming for the second time around. now here to face the wizards, a team that hasn't won back to back game since january. andre blatche thinks the wizards can learn from cleveland. >> we'll come out and help like cleveland did. be aggressive and put it on the table. >> get some energy as far as in the building. take advantage that they played
6:53 pm
last night and see if we can, at least our player know we're not invincible. >> i have to tell you something. the last thing i would want to do is play the heat after they lost to cleveland? oh, my goodness are they going to be jacked up to hurt somebody. they just need to hurt somebody. >> if the wizards didn't have a chance before, they certainly don't have a chance now. ♪
6:54 pm
♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] with amazing innovation, driven by relentless competition, wireless puts the world at your command. ♪
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6:56 pm
for the first time we're seeing pictures of the planet mercury taken from a spacecraft in orbit. that spacecraft belongs to nasa. it is the messenger and it took pictures tomorrow. chris clackum reports they had the first glimpse of the surface of the planet closest to the sun. >> three main engines start, three, two, one, liftoff. >> reporter: after the launch from cape canaveral. and 96 million miles later, nasa's messenger spacecraft has become the first to on or about, the first planet from the sun. this was the first photograph it sent back of mercury's surface. >> this is an extremely exciting time to be at mercury and to watch all of the planetary
6:57 pm
processes unfold from our ringside perspective. >> reporter: nasa organized the teleconference with scientists from the applied physics laboratory. the ones overseeing messenger's mission who say jl though plenty of photos of mercury exists, none are this close or this clear. >> we're really seeing mercury now with new eyes. with eight sets of eyes. >> reporter: messenger is programmed to take 75,000 images of different area of mercury whose surface is hot enough to melt iron. but permanent shadows deep inside craters might make it cold enough for ice to form. we got a brief look of part of mercury 30 years wlag a mariner space probe made a fast fly-by. messenger will circle our inner most planet for a year. nice to know it is warm somewhere. it is not warm here. >> no, but there is a little bit
6:58 pm
of something good to look forward to. that will come this weekend. a little bit of sunshine. let's take a look and see what's going on across the your. plenty wet still from wheaton. we've got some rain around annapolis. for the most part, light rain showers are expected here for the evening and for the early part of the night. as far as any sleet goes, there is still a little of that trying to fall to the north and west. and it could be mixing in until midnight. after midnight, drizzle and lots of fog across the area. that's how we'll start the day tomorrow. warrant orange winchester, martinsburg, all around 33, 32 degrees or. so much lower temperatures there. there could be a little drizzle then. maybe a little icing being laid down on some area roads. it still should be with the fact the temperature were in the 40s today, low temps should still be fine. 48 degrees, the high tomorrow. let look at the four-day forecast. friday we're up to 52. then mid 50s for the weekend. with another little passing
6:59 pm
system coming our way saturday morning there might be a shower before we break into the sunshine. mid 50s, the weekend is looking grand. and you'll want to plan something outdoors this week. monday, tuesday, wednesday, we're back to showers, we're back to storms, back to ugly weather. >> okay. thanks. the nfl lockout has led to some interesting sights at some gyms in south florida. this is a time of year players generally are taking part in off-season workouts and mini camps and thing like that. the team facilities are unavailable because of the labor dispute. they're locked out. so many players are working out in regular facilities. that's one of them right there walking across. one gym they're using is the michael ann russell jewish community center in north miami. on any given day prork football players wok out next to retirees. the seniors stay players bring a lot of energy to the room. one woman said she sees how hard

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